Workshop: Aarhus Reconstructed

01. November 2013 - approaching spatial relations through photographic narration

One-week workshop,150 first year-students at Aarhus School of Architecture.
Led by Rikke Jørgensen, Laura Mazanti and Karianne Halse.

The city consists of a manifold of different layers – material and immaterial
accumulated over time, constantly shifting in an eternal state of flux. The city and
this constant process of transformation was the starting point of the workshop.

Through a series of operations – collage, drawing, positioning, spatial construction
two-dimensional photographic captures of the city was translated into a
three-dimensional spatial reconstruction of the Aarhus in 1:1 – carrying within itself the
traces of each of the steps.

The students were only provided with the operation for each day, encouraging an
intuitive approach and a receptiveness of the material. Continually challenging their
conception of the produced material, by asking not what the material was, but what it did.
Making it possible for unpredictable connections and spatial relations to occur.

At the given site, Mock-up, the students operated in three sub-groups, generating a
web of contextual connections, densified by structural entities and tale telling details.
Special care and attention was placed upon the positioning of the elements and how
the emerging relations became significant, emphasizing the entire field of the site and
not merely viewing the elements as independent objects. Working in Mock-up gave
a premise for the workshop to operate in an ever-changing context, incorporation whats
was there, reinforcing characteristics and negotiating initiatives. Allowing all of it to
become part of the process and the story it unfolded. Not unlike the city itself.